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BOB MOST ASSOCIATES - is a semiconductor processing and test equipment representative firm established in 1963 to serve the then fledgling semiconductor industry. Over the last forty-eight years, BMA has developed a reputation for offering top tier product lines and true value added service.

While our mission is to promote our products, our goal is to offer real service; not just sell a product. If we don’t represent a product for your particular needs, we can most likely refer you to someone who does, or make some suggestions that may help solve your problem. We will gladly strive to assist in any way possible to find the right solution for you.

Please contact us for further product information or feel free to avail yourself of our services. Remember, we have earned the motto, “The Best from Most”.



Our products include test equipment for probing of wafers, probe cards from JEM America, and microwave probes from GGB, better known as Picoprobe.

In the failure analytical arena we offer tools that can detect optical emissions as well as photon recombinant emissions and thermal emissions from Check Point.

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