Company History

BMA was established in 1963 as a manufacturer’s representative organization to service the fledgling semiconductor industry. From our inception we’ve focused our efforts to address the needs of measurements, fab equipment, and test equipment. We were the original reps for many of the pioneers in our industry. Rucker & Kolls, MKS Instruments, Dai Nippon Screen, the MicroManipulator Co. are only a handful of the companies who started their businesses with BMA. Most of them have changed their names over the years, but we have remained true to our roots and our name.

We sold plasma etching and stripping equipment when there were only three manufacturers in the world. We pioneered resist stripping and later the etching of silicon and then onto RIE (reactive ion etching). In probing, R&K invented the world’s first usable probe cards and BMA was their east coast rep. When the world needed higher speed on wafer testing, BMA repped Cascade Microtech for the first four years of their existence. We’ve since moved on to represent the world’s leader in microwave probing, GGB Industries.

Today our industry is facing the most critical challenges in its history and BOB MOST ASSOCIATES is taking on the challenge to find the kinds of tools that will make your company not just successful, but enable it to thrive in a fiercely competitive market. With the advent of new technologies being introduced to the industry, BMA is partnering with the pioneers of the newest technologies. Come explore our site to see how what we sell will help you grow.

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