Checkpoint Technologies

Checkpoint Technologies is the worlds leading supplier of Laser Scanning Microscope based equipment for the semiconductor industry. Checkpoint's tools are used in various applications in semiconductor failure analysis and debugging techniques. Some of the techniques that are supported by Checkpoint's tools are – TIVA, LIVA, OBIC, OBIRCH, SDL and LADA.

International Test Solutions

Yield Improvement Products

Online/offline probe card maintenance products

  • Probe debris/contaminant removal
  • Probe tip shaping/reshaping

In situ chuck cleaning wafers for lithography and etch tools

  • Minimizes stepper hotspots
  • Increases tool productivity by extending cleaning/maintenance intervals

In situ final test cell conditioner

  • Removes debris/contaminants in sockets and contactors
  • Increases handler productivity by extending contactor maintenance intervals
GGB Industries

The originator of the PicoprobeŽ line of microwave and oscilloscope probes
JEM America

Probe Cards Epoxy-Ring Probe Cards, Logic 2x2 Quad J-Probe™ System, Vertical-Contact Probe Cards, Vertical Spring Contact Probe Cards, Probe Cleaning Technologies,Ultra-Low-Leakage Probe Cards, Special Application Probe Cards, Custom Board Design

Kinetic Systems

Vibration Control Solutions For Sensitive Equipment
Quater Research

Micro-positioners are used in a wide variety of industrial, medical, biological, semiconductor, and general scientific applications

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